Where there’s a Will there’s a way...

  • Protect your home from being sold to pay care home fees
  • Leave more for your loved ones and less to the taxman
  • Provide for a disabled relative without jeopardising their benefits
  • Avoid Social Services taking your children into care

A well written Will ensures that your loved ones are properly provided for and protected and that your estate will be distributed as you would wish.

Everyone should have a Will

Even if you don’t think you have anything worth leaving, you’d be surprised at how much you may be worth, especially when dead! With a Will you can specify who gets what and save family squabbles over treasured possessions.

If you have children under 18, you really must have a Will to appoint guardians. If you don’t and the worst happens, then your children will be taken into care by Social Services until a Court decides who is to be their guardians.

A Will for everyone

Everyone needs a Will but everyone’s circumstances are different. Whatever your requirements, there is a Will for you:

  • Simple online Wills
    When your circumstances are straightforward and your requirements simple.
  • Standard Wills
    Offering more options and greater flexibility than the simple online Will, these Wills are individually tailored to meet most people’s requirements.
  • Will Trusts
    For more complex circumstances: when you have children from a previous relationship; when you want to provide for a disabled person; when you want to protect your home from being sold to pay care home fees; and for other situations where you want greater control over how your estate is distributed.

My name is Tony Whitehorn. I am a Professional Will Writer and a fully qualified Member of The Society of Will Writers. This means that your Will is written to the highest professional standard and backed by £2 million of professional indemnity insurance.

I offer a free initial consultation and can take your instruction by phone, email or post. I also offer a free home visit service within my local area in Surrey. However simple or complex your requirements, I can explain the best options available to you, answer your questions, and give you a fixed price quotation for drafting your Will.

Peace of mind is just a phone call away.

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